Incomming & Tecnology

GMG is responsible for capturing new Travel Agency and Tour Operators accounts for the Receptors in the different destinations.

For the tourism technology companies, GMG is responsible for attracting and hiring new Hotel Groups and Individual Hotels in the different markets and destinations of the World.

GMG supports the positioning of the brand in the different markets, in the organization of presentations, with presence in seminars, Road shows and personalized events, with the participation in fairs, on-line trainings, telemarketing, media advertising, presence in social networks and influences, promotion of direct sales through the Web and other distribution channels

Our clients:

Holiday Services, Caribic Vacations, Umbrella, Tendencias, Solways Cuba, Talia Travels, AMstar, Booking Core, Affilired, Rate Tiger, ErevMax, Mark Site, App Inclusive, PMS Rentals Logitravel…..

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