With more than 35 years of experience working in marketing and distribution in the tourism sector and hotel management.

We offer the services of the "Friend Guest or Mysterious Guest" for Hotels & Cruises according to the request and objectives set by the client.

We offer liaison services and links between all types of companies and contacts in the tourism, communication, construction and logistics sectors.We have an important portfolio of clients and contacts in both parts of the Atlantic.

Our clients:

Adler Servera, Banco Santander, Royal Bank de Canadá, Daiquiri Palace, Espectáculos Bravo, Euro Carnavales, MOS & Colliseum, Mármoles Instalados, GRAE S.A., Mármoles Sandoval, Party Play, Smart Beach, Arca, Golden Coast, Intermed, Hosteltur, Preferente, Caribbean News, Excelencias …..

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