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It's very funny because one day I asked myself; Stop and think, what have you done in your last 35 years of working life and what have you achieved for your family that you fight for and live in each day.

I started to think and I started to remember each of the good times lived at work, then to review the good friends, the most loved and the not so loved, shared bosses and colleagues, locate myself in the different companies for which I worked , those that formed me, those that gave me to win and I gave them to win with so much gratitude, in the different sectors that I was able to train and work so different among them, the challenges, the adversities overcome, the effort and a constant rhythm, remembering the achievements and failures overcome, the adventures lived with unforgettable memories, highlighting having learned to do the impossible everyday, I also began to think who you have helped and who has helped you, who has disappointed you because There are also some who believe that you are obligated to give everything but they do not even return to you a simple thank you, but from them I also learned and they are still friends.

Concluding, that in these 35 years of my working life I have enjoyed every day and that I would repeat it again and again, I have always enjoyed it because I wanted to do it well, I have always had the feeling that I get paid for having a good time, I am so happy for that that I say to myself, well lets carry on, let´s go for it in the next years to come and continue to enjoy the work and my family.

Let's summarize all the experience of good work now from my own company GMG S.L. and, God willing, we will continue to do good in every way and at the same time generate benefits for all those who trust GMG S.L. and they request our services that we explain in each section of our WEB in detail so they know well what we want to offer them and do.

As our motto "GOOD MAKES GOOD" says, we put a lot of love and commitment in everything we do to achieve satisfactory and prosperous results for each of our clients.

GMG - Galvez Molteni Group, SL is constituted in 2006 as a Company for the Representation of Hotels, Receptive Travel Agencies and Issuers, as a Promoter of our own Vacation Homes in Mallorca, as a Labor, Financial and Management Consulting Services Company at any sector, as an Event Organization and Free Time Company, as a Nexus Company liaison and negotiation between the interested parties, as a Market Opening Company and product positioning of all kinds and as a novelty very soon also as a Company for the realization of Scripts, Soundtracks, Direction and Production in the World of Cinema and The Seventh Art.

All this in the different segments that today comprise the GMG concept, supporting us are our leading suppliers and experts in each sector for loyal customers who want it all over the World.

GMG has collaborators in Spain and outside Spain, has an expert and professional team that performs its role as a specialist in each subject, as the saying "Shoemaker to his Shoes".

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